A U2 scripted series is in the works at Netflix, with JJ Abrams' production company backing the project.

The Dublin band will have their history chronicled in a scripted series with 'Bohemian Rhapsody' screenwriter Anthony McCarten on scripting duties.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, U2 are expected to be involved and will sanction the project, with JJ Abrams' production company helping get the project off the ground.

A U2 series will have over 40 years of storylines to dig into, from the band's early days in Dublin, their politically-charged era of the late 1980s, their TV-themed oddity of the 1990s, the arena rock era of the 2000s and the iPhone saga of 2014.

The band have sold 175 million albums since forming in Dublin in 1976, and the band join the likes of Madonna, The Bee Gees and Elvis in seeing their story depicted on screen.

While those artists are getting the film treatment, U2 are different in getting a scripted television series.

A scripted series approach may work better for U2 than other artists owing to their vast, electric career; maybe they'll go full 'The Crown' and cast a different batch of actors every 2 seasons?

U2 has so many distinct, different eras that a television series may serve the needs of the story better than telling their nearly 50-year story in the span of 2 hours.

McCarten has gravitas in the biopic department, with the writer penning scripts for the likes of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and was Oscar-nominated for dramas 'The Two Popes' and Stephen Hawking Biopic 'The Theory Of Everything'.

With the series only in the announcement stage, the show is at least a year away from airing, but casting news is likely to follow in the coming weeks and months ahead.