Much has been made about how Donald Trump's supporters come from varying backgrounds and political standpoints, including some of which are outright racist.

In fact, a victory parade is being planned in December 2nd in North Carolina by the Ku Klux Klan to celebrate Trump's victory. Not only that, the former Imperial Wizard of the Klan, David Duke, has celebrated Trump's victory on his Twitter account.

So, yeah, it's fair to say that some of the people who support Donald Trump are terrible people. Why are we bringing this all up? Yesterday, Kumail Nanjani and Thomas Middleditch, two of the cast members of HBO's Silicon Valley, were harassed by Trump supporters in a bar in Los Angeles.

Not in the middle of rural America or a Trump rally - at a presumably hip bar in the middle of L.A. As Nanjani explains it, he and Middleditch were quietly drinking together in the bar when two twenty-year olds came up to and tried to tell them how they were wrong about Trump. Nanjani and Middleditch then replied that they didn't want to talk politics with them.

Here's what happened next.