Following last weekend’s announcement of the first three families for Gogglebox Ireland, TV3 has now revealed two more of the new show’s households, and they sound very pleasant altogether.

Gogglebox Ireland will be narrated by Deirdre O'Kane and Rory Cowan. It follows a number of Irish families, and groups of friends, as they gather around to enjoy some television, while commenting on the events on screen. The show first aired in the UK where it has been a big success.

First up are identical twins Fergal and Neal Tully, who grew up on a farm in Cavan along with their three other brothers. They claim to chat to each other more than to their own wives, and though they often have different opinions, they never argue. They sound like lovely lads together.

Next up are Angela and Eileen from Castleknock. They met at a local retirement club in the area and when Eileen spotted Angela, a newcomer, she offered her a seat beside her. The rest, as they say, is history. Bless.

For info on the other three Gogglebox families, click here.

Gogglebox Ireland kicks off on TV3 this Thursday from 9.30PM.