Now that the islanders are beginning to be whittled down, clear favourites are starting to emerge among viewers.

With around two weeks of 'Love Island' left to go on our TV screens, friendships within the villa are beginning to become even stronger. Not only that, but people's feelings are beginning to become more intense, and alliances are starting to form.

On last night's episode, as new bombshell Jamie entered the villa, all heads were turned to Shaughna and Demi, who both went on a date with the new hunk.

However, Luke M's investment in Demi might be short-lived, as she seems more interested in playing the field with both himself and Jamie.

Luke T and Siânnise's chat with Luke M solidified a new friendship between the three islanders - and viewers were clear stans of them being some of the most humble in the villa.

Here's how viewers reacted to the Luke M/Demi/Jamie love triangle, and Luke T and Siânnise getting behind the heartbroken lad.

'Love Island' continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.