The series of Game of Thrones will premiere in a matter of hours on Sly Atlantic, but two presenters from Dublin's Spin 103.8 have decided to prepare by setting themselves the ultimate box set challenge with a 24 hour Game of Thrones Marathon.

Graham & Nathan, presenters of The Long & Short Of It on Sunday on Spin, have been watching the hit series since last night, and are only allowed stop for toilet breaks and food at intervals.

Eh, sounds pretty epic to us. Although they will undoubtedly be dreaming about dragons and sword fighting by the time they finally do get some shut eye.

Fans can keep up to date with the marathon unfolding in the Live Room on Spin’s Twitter account with live updates on Periscope.

Harrowing times for the boyos...

You can catch the long awaited Season 5 of Game of Thrones tonight on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.