We all thought Charlie Sheen's tiger blood winning ways had slammed the nail in the coffin for Two And A Half Men but, like one of those annoying birthday candles you simply can't seem to blow out, the show just kept on going.

In fact, it started to get even more popular with the addition of Ashton Kutcher. Now the show's been renewed for an 11th season, but it's titular half man, Angus T Jones, won't be coming back as a regular cast member.

You'll all remember young Angus losing the plot not so long ago, and telling anyone who would listen that Chuck Lorre's monstrous creation had turned him into a "a paid hypocrite". The YouTube clip (which he recorded for a group linked to the Voice of prophecy Seventh-Day Adventist church) went viral, and millions across the world watched as he blasted the show as "filth" and asked his fans to "please stop watching." After a little soul searching, the young lad apologised to the crew and his co-stars, and headed back to work.

Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher have both signed on for another year with CBS (earning a reported $700,000 an episode each I might add), but it's still not clear what will happen to Jones' character. Inside TV bloggers at EW.com say he's in talks to take on a recurring role in the new series, so we guess Jake won't be given a Charlie Sheen style exit any time soon.

We're not too sure how the show will continue without Jones' Jake, but sure didn't everyone say it would die a horrific death without Sheen too? Now if only we could get the theme tune out of our heads...