After twelve long years, Two and a Half Men has officially wrapped, thank GOD. Apologies if you're a fan, but enough's enough. The sitcom finished up recording its final show on February 6th and it appears it was a much lower key affair than those on the show had hoped for.

It's been reported that none of the crew received the traditional wrap gift once they had finished rolling and according to The Hollywood Reporter, there wasn't even a half decent wrap party either with just a few food trucks placed outside the studios.

Bit odd really, considering the amount those actors earned on that show could have put the crew's kids AND grandkids through college. It seems the talent was acknowledged though with each of its stars, which include Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer, reportedly receiving 28 grand watches.

The crew is said to be in "complete shock" due to the "downright cheap" gesture, although another source told The Hollywood Reporter that it was all just a misunderstanding and the gifts were likely to be en route.

There will certainly be a lot of red faces if that is the case...