'Twitter' they said? 'Will never catch on' we said. But caught on it did, so much so that the social media giant has now reached out of our computer screens and onto the small screen.  And no, we're not talking about your phone, Twitter is set to have it's own TV show!

Lionsgate have announced they are developing a TV series adaptation of Nick Bilton’s book 'Hatching Twitter: A True Story Of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal'. The story of how four blokes in Silicon Valley pretty much turned us all into tweeting hash-tagging fiends. (Oh wait... what? You still haven't joined Twitter yet? You will.)

We're picturing some kind of cross between Friends, The Big Bang Theory with maybe just a touch of Entourage... but who knows what direction they'll go in... #Exciting #Twitter #TV #CantStopHashtagging