Last night was an emotional night for soap fans. Well, lets not put it delicately, if you were not sobbing your eyes out over the death of Hayley Cropper then take your cold, cold heart away from us please. Not since Jack Duckworth slipped away into Vera's arms, have we been so moved by a Corrie death.

We all knew it was coming too. Hayley's battle with cancer and her choice to end her life had us all glued to the soap the last few months. Her relationship with Roy and the tenderness he showed her was beyond heartwarming. We always knew those two were happy out pottering about the place, but it was impossible not to be moved by the love they had for each over the last few months.

And yes, of course, we are not being delusional, it's not real life etc etc. But you know what, this story is for a lot of people out there. Actors David Neilson and Julie Hesmondhalgh played the parts so heartbreakingly well, it was like they had been together their whole lives. If those pair don't receive an award this Wednesday at the National Television Awards, then I don't know who should.

Twitter was ALL a buzz with her death last night. At one point the top four trends in the country were all based around Corrie, and #Goodbye Hayley is STILL trending at number one.

Here are some of the reactions;


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