As episodes go, last night's Late Late was up there with one of their best.

Thanks to JDIFF, Tubridy didn't have to raid the canteen of RTE for guests in order to fill out the show and was joined by screen icons Ryan O'Neal and Russell Crowe.

First up was O'Neal, who had more than a bit to say about his daughter that didn't exactly go over well with Twitter.

Next up was Russell Crowe, who started off by addressing O'Neal's umm... colourfulness.

Crowe even addressed that most irritating of Irish audiences traits - the out-of-time-clapping - with a stern, but fair correction.

And with that, Crowe brought the house down with a fantastic rockabilly cover of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues.


Here's the video. We'll never have it this good again, folks.


Via Twitter / YouTube