Yes, it's getting nearer to the time of year where we all brush up on our European geography and listen to Graham Norton and Marty Whelan get progressively drunk on national television.

The Eurovision stopped being a goer for Ireland roughly around the same time that we discovered money was better than staging song contests, but we still partake in the ritual of it all like the good Europeans we are.

Last night saw Tubridy and the folks across the island select who's headed for Vienna (AHHHHH VIENNNAAAAA, sorry) to hopefully win us the title.

First up was Alex Saint and the MJs.


Next was Kat Mahon, with a song about shoulders and crying on said shoulders. Again, Twitter wasn't impressed.


Following Kat Mahon was Swedish-born Erika Selin, with a very familiar-sounding song.


Next was 2011 Eurosong contestant Nikki Kavanagh.


However, the fifth and final contestant, Molly Sterling, was the clear winner according to Twitter.


Of course, we simply couldn't talk about Eurovision without having a sing-song to Hold Me Now.