Well, look, it's like this.

The Simpsons, like all works of art, is subjective and everyone has their own favourite episode - so, really, trying to say which one is the best is ultimately kind of reductive. By us entering into this argument, we're giving weight to the idea that there's an arbitrary winner in this - which is, y'know, incorrect.

Still, we're hypocrites and here we are. Arguing over something that shouldn't really be argued over. Earlier today, the Simpsons World Cup took place on Twitter and saw people voting on what they believe to be the greatest episode of The Simpsons.

The winner? Marge Versus The Monorail, with 8,440 votes cast in the final round. Last Exit To Springfield, which is the one where Homer leads the workers of the power plant on a strike to get back the dental plan (Lisa needs braces), came in second. Lemon Of Troy, meanwhile, came in third.

They're all wrong, folks.

Everyone knows that the greatest episode of The Simpsons is, by far, Bart Versus Australia. For one, it's got Phil Hartmann as the US diplomat, the brilliant stereotyping of not one, but two entire continents - the South American dictator who thinks the tide is turning is one of the great glass-smashing jokes in the series - and you've also got this.


That right there is the greatest episode of The Simpsons. Not The Monorail one. People voted for Hitler and like Coldplay.

You can't trust people.


Via Twitter