Earlier today both David Lynch and Mark Frost took to Twitter to send a very cryptic tweet about Twin Peaks. 

Of course, it wouldn't have been fitting if it weren't incredibly cryptic, but the tweets sent by David Lynch and Mark Frost, the strange minds behind one of the most iconic TV shows in recent memory, came at the same time and were exact copies of one another. 

The tweets make reference to one of the most famous scenes from the show, Agent Dale Cooper's dream in the 'red room', with the backwards talking Little Man from Another Place, who tells Cooper (who likes his damn good coffee) that the gum he likes is going to come back in style. 

Lynch is currently working on an unnamed project in New York, the details of which he has been keeping a highly-guarded secret. Furthermore, both he and Frost have never been shy to admit that they were very unhappy with how they ended the series' TV run, revealing the mystery earlier than they wanted after having their hand forced by the studio.

Just a few short days ago, Lynch answered a "tricky question" about the possibility of the show ever returning or being remade without giving a definite yes or no, and this latest 'Twin Tweet' has gotten people rather excited off the back of that.

If this is the signal that there's new Twin Peaks on the way, we would find it hard to contain our excitement, and could only express ourselves through the medium of GIFs from the show. Mainly this one: