Although it's usually TV soaps that enjoy a good plot twist, there's been many a twist in hard-hitting dramas such as 24, Mad Men and many more.

Here's five of the best plot twists on TV...

SPOILER ALERT: Proceed with caution, we're dropping some major clangers here.

DALLAS - Who shot JR?
It was the quintessential question of the 1980's. Everybody remembers the question, but few remember the outcome. Because it was a total twist. Everyone was full sure it was Sue-Ellen, JR's crazy-as-hell wife. Instead, it turned out to be... SPOILER KLAXON... Kristin Shephard, Sue-Ellen's sister and JR's mistress. Why'd she do it? She was pregnant with JR's baby. Apparently.

LOST - They were dead the whole time
It's been a few years and we're still not sure what to make of this ending. So, what? The island was Purgatory? Is that it? And what was up with the polar bears? How come they never explained that? Jesus, it's been a few years and Lost is still pissing us off.

GAME OF THRONES - The Red Wedding
For fans who had read the book, this was on the horizon. We knew it was coming and we knew what to expect. However, for those who hadn't the books - which was almost everyone - it was a complete shock. That said, Game of Thrones had set a precedent in Season One with killing off Sean Bean's character, Ned Stark. But then again, it was Sean Bean and he dies in everything. No, really.

24 - Nina kills Jack's wife
We genuinely didn't see this coming. Although Nina, played by Sarah Clarke, was cleared of wrongdoing, nobody saw this coming. Nina managed to kill his wife and leaving poor old Jack Bauer as a widower father. What was more gruesome the fact that Nina didn't even to need to kill Jack's wife. It was heartbreaking, man. Really heartbreaking.

MAD MEN - Don Draper isn't Don Draper
For the first season, Mad Men dabbled in a great many things that could easily have been written off in a single line. One such storyline was that Don Draper wasn't, in fact, Don Draper. In the second season, an entire episode was devoted to telling the story. Don Draper was really Dick Whitman, a lowly soldier who assumed his commanding officer's identity so as to escape his life and start anew. That theft made up much of Draper's emotional problems for years to come and affect every aspect of his life.