We may get all kinds of documentaries about criminal underbelly's and what not from the crowd over at TV3, but this is their first endeavour with a game show. 'The Lie' will be hosted by Jonathan McCrea and will begin next Monday on the station. 

It's pretty odd as game show formats go, in that there are no questions - just lies! Contestants will be divided into two teams where they will be given statements based around pop culture and current affairs, and must decide which is the lie.

We can all play at home too if we download the app, and play against fellow users. As game shows goes, it sounds pretty up to the mark and as we said, it is a first for TV3. The show is co-produced by 3Studios and STV Productions in Scotland, so a Scottish version of the show will be aired over there.

Don't know if it will be the next 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' now, but it sounds promising, and it's been given a prime time slot of 8pm every Monday and Friday for the next five weeks.

You can watch the first episode on February 17th at 8pm on TV3.