Well this doesn't sound good. The TV station has announced as of this morning that they are seeking voluntary redundancies for their staff as part of their "strategy for 2015". This dreary news also comes following the announcement the station has lost its GAA broadcasting rights to Sky Sports. As well as of the added competition of UTV launching their Irish base here next year.

It would seem the redundancies are only available to a limited number with a spokesperson for TV3 saying; "The content model in TV3 will involve considerable change as we implement our strategy for 2015. We are aware that such an environment is not for everyone so we have decided to run a voluntary leaver scheme for the content, news and broadcast areas. [...] It will be at the company’s discretion to accept requests for voluntary redundancies based on the role and there will be a limited number of places".

Word has it that two senior member of staff have already given in their resignation, although no one knows names as of yet. It seems the Ballymount station is still optimistic though, and is continuing to work on their own original content, as well as a new Irish soap - given that UTV has taken Corrie off them.

Newly appointed MD of UTV Ireland Michael Wilson reckons their station will easily get ahead of TV3 in the ratings once it gets going; "I think it's highly unlikely TV3 will be the number two player in the market once we're there" he said.

Them's fighting words! Play nice lads, surely there's room for ye all?