Many TV shows that are currently halted due to the coronavirus - some half-way through filming - may not be able to film concluding parts to their seasons.

The news comes as countless TV shows currently in production across the globe are being forced to halt for the safety of their cast and crew members. COVID-19 has caused the likes of 'Peaky Blinders', 'The Witcher', 'Lord of the Rings' to stop production immediately. The scale of the TV shows shut down is unclear as of yet.

New details have emerged for the likes of 'Supernatural' and 'Grey's Anatomy' which seems to state that TV series which have been suspended may not be planning on returning to production once the coronavirus has been eradicated. This is turn means that many TV shows will have a shorter season-run.

According to both Vulture and Refinery29, many shows will have to end their seasons on what they previously shot. A studio executive who spoke to Vulture said: "Realistically, every show that shut production down is done."

While it might seem likely that production on some shows could potentially begin production once again in early April (at the very earliest), the very likelihood of the productions having enough money and time to continue to the end of their original filming time is unlikely.

Many TV and film studios are currently losing a lot of money due to the closures of sets, and shutting down and starting up production is a heavy cost for studios. There's also the cast and crew availability, which is another important issue to consider. By the time broadcast eventually comes around for the various TV shows that have been halted, the ability to film the rest of the season will not be possible.

Another insider told Vulture that at least four as-yet-unnamed TV shows have informed their crew that whatever footage they've filmed, will be the whole season. The insider said: "It just doesn’t make a sense to come back in a month for the last episode or two."

Prepare for plenty of unexplained cliff-hangers in the very near future due to these TV shows shut down. We'll have more news on this as soon as we hear it.