You may have heard a lot of the hype surrounding the new recreation of the Batman franchise, which will show Gotham before it knew its super hero. The series will mainly focus in on a young Detective Gordon, who will be played by former OC actor Ben McKenzie, and will follow his journey ascending the ranks.

It's all coming together quite quickly now too, with a young Bruce Wayne just cast in the shape of 13 year old David Mazouz, known for his role in TV show Touch. He will play the young super hero who must lean on his butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee) and Commissioner Gordon after his parents have been murdered. Look at him there in the pic, isn't he just adorable? Hard to believe that little guy will grow up to become the Dark Knight.

Newcomer Camren Bicondova has also been cast to play Selena Kyle, an orphan street thief and pickpocket who will eventually become Catwoman. While Jada Pinkett Smith has also been added in recent weeks to play a gangster called Fish Mooney, the boss of one Oswald Cobblepot, who will eventually become The Penguin.

This all couldn't sound more intriguing if it tried, and although we've often seen flashbacks to an earlier Gotham down the years through Batman's various outings, a whole TV series about it should prove very exciting. You'd wonder how they hadn't thought of it already really.