At this point we are pretty much ready to put True Detective season two behind us and maybe even pretend it didn't happen. Alright well it wasn't that bad, but we all still know it didn't reach the dazzling great heights of season one.

Fans of the show will know that season one had director Cary Fukunaga at the helm, however he stepped back to an executive producer role for season two, although he has said recently that he actually really didn't have any part of it.

He told Variety; “I really wasn’t involved. My involvement in the second season was as much or as little as they needed me. It turns out they didn’t need me."

Season two of the show also featured a visit to a movie set in episode three where fans speculated that a director used in a scene was remarkably similar to Fukunaga. We also learned that this director in question was essentially an alcoholic who was nasty to his crew and was a part of all those sex-party shenanigans.

There he is now....


And here's Fukunaga....

Fukunaga simply told Variety; "I have friends on the crew who told me about it. What’s there to make of it?"

There had been rumours of a falling out between the showrunner Nic Pizzolatto since the series aired, however the two men have refused to comment on it.

Pizzolatto also defended the scene and responded to Variety saying; "The director character in episode 3 was absolutely not meant to represent or allude to Cary in any way. The actor (Philip Moon) was hired because I was a fan of his from ‘Deadwood,’ and he arrived with the look he had. I have the utmost respect for Cary, and I look forward to his new picture."

Whatever is true, here's hoping these fellas kiss and makeup and bring us a whopper of a season three, if indeed there is a season three.