Is it really that much of a surprise after how badly season 2 tanked following the majesty that was season 1? 

While HBO haven't severed ties with the show's creator - Nic Pizzolatto (they've recently signed a 2-year deal with him, so he's not going anywhere for a while) - it seems that there's no season 3 of True Detective in the works.

Season 1 of the show, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, was one of the most lauded dramas of 2014... and then its ill-fated successor came along, starring Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams. The less said about that the better. Since then, it would seem it's the drama Pizzolatto would rather forget. 

Dark Horizons reports that: "THR indicates that a whole new show from Pizzolatto is now looking more likely than another season of "True Detective" with the showrunner appearing to want to move on. The network had apparently given the writer/creator a number of scenarios to keep the show going, but it appears he's opting to start over with something else and in which genre? We'll have to wait and see."

Meanwhile, CBS have called time on their show Limitless, featuring Bradley Cooper. Taking to Twitter last night, the showrunner Craig Sweeny posted the following;

In case you were thinking, "I thought Limitless was a film starring Bradley Cooper that was released back in 2011?" It was. It got its own spin-off starring Jake McDorman and Jennifer Carpenter. It also featured Cooper in a recurring role as Sen. Edward Morra, his character from the movie, don't you know. 

The axe has been raised on a number of well-known shows of late, including Nashville, CSI: Cyber, Castle and Rush Hour.