True Detective is the current 'cool thing' to be watching folks, so if you're not on it already, the rough guide to getting through a conversation about it is; 'Oh my God it's just SO good! What episode are you on?' Which MUST be followed quickly by some remark about how unrecognisable Matthew McConaughey is in it. OR, you can just actually watch it, it is only eight episodes after all, the last of which aired last night in the States and yeah, it broke HBO.

Well, HBO Go that is. The streaming service crashed last night due to the number of people logging on to watch the finale, wanting to find out once and for all how this strange Louisiana murder case gets solved. The service tweeted the following:

The show stars this reinvented Matthew McConaughey, along with Woody Harrelson, who play two detectives (and trUe detectives! What?) on a case to track down a serial killer. It's proven a hit with viewers and critics alike, although McConaughey has said recently he won't return for the second series - too busy shining his brand new Oscar maybe?