Cary Fukunaga earned himself an Emmy for his role as director in the first season of True Detective and now he has a new TV show in the works, with a pretty bizarre premise too but let's roll with it.

His new series will see Theodore Roosevelt (yes, the former American president) investigating a serial killer during the "Gilded Age of New York City" (around 1896) and is actually based off a crime novel in the nineties by Caleb Carr called The Alienist.

The show will be written by Drive's Hossein Amini, while Academy Award winning writer Eric Roth (Forrest Gump) will executive producer along with Fukunaga.

So the list of credentials on this show is beyond impressive... but Roosevelt chasing serial killers?? We're confused. Like, Rust Cohle confused. 

(For those that might be wondering, Cary Fukunaga isn't directing season two of True Detective but will serve as an executive producer.)