While we're really excited about a second series of True Detective we're a little bit worried that round 2 will struggle to keep up with the hype. That said, with all the intriguing rumours swirling around we can't help but let our anticipation over-rule our apprehension.

According to Entertainment Weekly casting announcements are imminent; in fact, they might be made as soon as next week. We've heard that there may be three leads this time but the possibility that there may only be one has also been thrown out there. We know that Woody and Matthew - both Emmy nominated for their respective roles - will not be returning (or do we?) but it's been strongly hinted that whoever they cast won't be strangers to the silver (or small?) screen.

The setting is almost definitely going to be in the California wild, although we're not even sure about that since nothing has been confirmed.

If it's half as good as the first season it will be a winner. We're waiting with baited breath.