While 'Jason Bourne' wasn't the huge hit everyone hoped it would be, there's clearly still an interest for the kind of story that the action series tells.

While it doesn't feature Matt Damon anywhere, 'Treadstone' does appear to live in the same world as the movies - albeit from a different perspective. The series follows a group of sleeper agents who were trained by the CIA and then placed into the world to be activated whenever they were needed.

The problem is that they're now being activated by someone they don't know, and causing chaos in the process. All of this, of course, means that there's some larger conspiracy at work and it's going to need lots of shaky-cam fighting and car chases in European cities to solve.

The cast of 'Treadstone' includes Jeremy Irvine from 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!', Brian J. Smith from 'Sense8', and 'Doctor Who' alum Tracy Ifeachor, with the first episode airing on USA Network in October, and will likely make it onto our screens shortly thereafter.

Here's the teaser.