We're unsure who compiled the list but it features in today's Daily Mail... Rather than come across with a load of in depth analysis like they did, we'll just let the list speak for itself. In short, reality TV is king and Simon Cowell is the undisputed puppet master.

1) Simon Cowell, involved in Britain's Got Talent, Pop Idol, The X Factor, Popstars: The Rivals, American Idol, net worth £225million.
2) Susan Boyle, appeared on Britain's Got Talent, net worth £22million.
3) One Direction, appeared on X Factor, net worth £20 million... each.
4) Katie Price, appeared on I'm a Celebrity and whatever Sky Living / ITV2 throw at her, net worth £17.5million.
5) Cheryl Cole, appeared on Popstars: The Rivals, X Factor, net worth £15million.
6) Will Young, appeared on Pop Idol, net worth £13.5million.
7) Leona Lewis, appeared on X Factor, net worth £12million.
8) Levi Roots, appeared on Dragons' Den, worth £12million.
9) Myleene Klass, appeared on Popstars, worth £11million.
10) Francis Bouille, appeared on Made in Chelsea, £10.1million.

Depressing innit. It's not over yet either; the Mail list "other notables" as Alexandra Burke, appeared on X Factor (£12million); Gareth Gates, appeared on Pop Idol (£6.5million); JLS, appeared on X Factor (£6million); Kimberly 'I couldn't sing my way out of a bag' Walsh, appeared on Popstars: the Rivals (£6.8million); Paul Potts, appeared on BGT (£6million); Ashleigh and Pudsey, appeared on BGT, (£5million)...

Try and enjoy your lunch.