It's that time of year - Father's Day - that Hallmark Holiday that reminds us to pay homage to the oul fella for all he's done, or as they case may be, not done for us since we came kicking and screaming into the big bad world.

To mark the occasion we've been trawling through the archives to find 10 rather special daddies, who we think deserve recognition. Some of them are model fathers, while others, well, we're not sure they should ever have been allowed to procreate. So here, without further ado, are 10 Top TV Dads, many of whom you can find on Netflix today:


1. 'Modern Family' - Phil Dunphy

It ain't every day that you'll come across a dad who tries so hard. Phil Dunphy knows it's hip to be square, and even has the dance moves from 'High School Musical' down to a tee. As his own offspring would say, it's so 2006, but that hasn't stopped him from charming us with his odd ways over the past few years.

2. 'Breaking Bad' - Walter White

Ok, so his drug dealing ways may not set the best example, but lest we forget, Walter White is only breaking bad so as to make sure his family will be looked after in the event of his death. I mean, he's only doing what any dad would in his situation, right?


3. 'Arrested Development' - Michael Bluth

Keeping a family together ain't easy, but with a rather interesting father figure like George Senior setting an example for him, Michael Bluth is certainly doing a stand up job. Calling his kid George Michael may have been a bit of a no-no, but we'll forgive him that one indiscretion, provided he never leaves his son's girlfriend lost and alone in Mexico ever again.

4. 'Outnumbered' - Pete Brockman

If there's one TV dad we could totally empathise with it's Pete Brockman. Nothing seems to go right for the History teacher, and with little demons like Ben and Karen running around we can totally understand why. He groans, he gets it wrong all the time, and he's totally tactless when it comes to his marriage: Perhaps that's why we love him so much.


5. 'Gavin and Stacey' - Smithy

Oh Smithy. All he ever wanted was to have his family all together under the one roof, and he was even willing to move all the way to Barry to ensure little Neil had a father. It was never plain sailing for himself and Ness, but that didn't stop Smithy doing everything he could for his little lad. All together now: Awww.


6. 'Shameless' - Frank Gallagher

Oh Frank. He tore up the telly for far too long, but by 'eck did he have quite the troop of kiddies to show for it. There's no doubt but that he was a substandard dad to the lot of 'em, leaving it to eldest daughter Fiona to do all the hard work. That said, as TV dads go, the lad's a bit of a legend eh?


7. 'The Royle Family' - Jim Royle

From his lack of respect for his mother-in-law to his disdain for his offspring, Jim Royle is everything that's right with TV dads. This lazy sod held court in his quite frankly disgusting armchair, pulling out some cracking one liners while watching the telly. He did show his softer side when his daughter went into labour though, reducing all of us to tears in the process. Get in.


8. 'Arrested Development' - George Bluth Senior

No touching! George Bluth Senior really dropped his family in it with his dodgy dealings, affairs and escape attempts. He was one remarkably smooth criminal though, who make no qualms about his feelings for his wife and kids. He did teach them valuable life lessons though, like why they should always leave a note. And, he did make sure there was always money in the banana stand...


9. 'The Forsyte Saga' - Soames Forsyte

If you want to talk cold and calculating fathers then you've got to include Soames Forsyte. This lad was determined to see his daughter rise through the ranks, even if that meant breaking her heart in the process. As patriarchs go, Soames is at the top of the pecking order, ruling the Forsyte Saga with an iron fist.


10. 'Heroes' - Noah Bennett

We knew from the off that Claire Bennett was a daddy's girl, but we didn't realise just how far her adoptive father Noah was willing to go for her until he started kicking backsides and taking names. This lad would do anything to protect his family, even if it meant driving them close to insanity by having their memories wiped. That's dedication right there.