We're big fans of Eurovision here at entertainment towers, but it doesn't take a genius to work out that the televisual marathon ain't exactly everyone's cup of tea. However, there is far more to Eurovision than wacky acts and screechy singing, so you might want to have a think before dismissing it entirely.

Believe it or not, there's a fair bit of eye candy on show in this err, 'European' spectacular, and there's more than enough of it this year to convince any lad or lady to give it a 'goo'. So y'know, maybe you should consider sitting down with your friends this Saturday night, and give the Song Contest a second chance. Get up to speed with our one-stop guide while you're at it.

Here's just a snippet of what's in store with our Top Ten Babes of Eurovision 2013...

1. Moldova
Aliona Moon and her volcano dress could definitely turn up the heat on Saturday night. The Moldovan stunner is third up to bat, so she should kick things off rather nicely, Plus, she has some set of pipes.

2. Finland
Think Katie Perry's I Kissed A Girl but far errr, kookier? Krista Siegfrids does a bit of a Tatu on it mid-way through, so don't be too worried about the fact that she seems to want to tie you down at first...

3. Spain
Raquel de Rosario is the lead singer with Spain's ESDM *chuckles* and believe it or not, she's also the ex-wife of none other than Fernando Alonso. Her Eurovision entry video is a wee bit odd (it involved frolicking with a horse...) but this Spanish senorita is already being touted as one of the prettiest petite stars of the Song Contest

4. Estonia

's an absolute babe, and she's carrying one to boot. Still, this gal makes maternity wear look effortlessly 'gawjus', and proves that pregnant ladies are more than capable of getting pulses racing.

5. Belarus
With a fantastic set of pipes and an even nice set of pins, Alyona Lanskaya really has it all going for her.The Bealrussian beauty emerges from a disco ball during the act, and makes no bones about shaking her tailfeather.

6. Germany

Natalie Horler
, aka Cascada, aka the girl who's 'choons' were blasting while you lobbed the gob on some 'chung wan' down the Friday night disco in the rugby club, is no stranger to showing off. Sure didn't she even pose for playboy a few years back? We're expecting big things from Germany's favourite buxom blonde on the big night.

7. Denmark
Game of Thrones meets the Eurovision when Emmelie De Forrest arrives on stage. This adorable Dane has more than a bit of the Daenerys Targaryen about her, minus the full frontal nudity, obvs. She's a red hot favourite in more ways than one, with the bookies tipping her to win.

8. Ukraine
Ah Zlata, what can we say? Dubbed the Cheryl Cole of the competition by our own Marty Whelan, this pint sized popstrel has a touch of the Fay Ray about her when she's carried in by Ukraine's answer to Hagrid. We can see where Marty got the Cheryl vibe from, but at least this wan can sing...

9. Norway
Wearing quite possibly the tightest ensemble in the whole competition, Margaret Berger's certainly showing off the Scandinavian form at its finest. She's got a cracking tune behind her too.

10. Cyprus
Ok, so Despina Olympiu was actually eliminated in the first Semi Final, but she had to make it into our top ten, by virtue of that virtually see-through gúna she was rocking on Tuesday night...

Catch the Eurovision Song Contest on RTE One and BBC One from 8.00pm on Saturday May 18th.