The annual cheesey glitter fest that is the Eurovision returns this Saturday in its current host country of Denmark. Will we be there? That all lies on the shoulders of Can-Linn and Kasey Smith who have taken on the mantle of representing Ireland this year. Their song Heartbeat is about as Eurovisiony as it gets, we've even thrown in few freestyling Irish dancers for good measure.

Will it be the song we will will be humming away to ourselves for the foreseeable though? Doubtfully. (Famous last words). Down the years however, there have certainly been some Eurovision crackers, and by crackers we mean that they drive you it with their irritating catchiness. Below is a list of Eurovision's biggest earworms, and yes we won't lie, a lot of them are Irish and English ones. Sure who has time to be traipsing throught the Eurovision back catalgue of every single country? And no, Rock and Roll kids is not on this list, because Rock and Roll kids is BETTER than this list, you know that.

10.  First up we have this little gem from Lithuania back in 2006, which is clearly going for the 'repetition is key' approach with the main lyrics being 'We are the Winners... of Eurovision'. Thankfully the prophecy did not come true, but it did earn them a rather respectable sixth place.

9.  Remember this one? 'Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit' was the UK entry for Gina G back in 1995 - and as you can see, it's like the nineties literally threw up all over it. Catchy little ditty mind.

8.  Lordi, you can't have a Eurovision list without them. Is this catchy? Yeah, you sing it all the time. You know when you wake up after a heavy night and open your mouth to speak? You're singing it.

7.  This has made it into almost every worst Eurovision song list of all time, and I'm not just talking around these parts. Dustin the Turkey's performance was Ireland sinking to a new low, My Lovely Horse would have been a more respectable entry. However, it's controversial lyrics and the repetitive chorus of 'Irelande Douze Pointe' certainly rang in people's ears after.

6.  Save all your Kisses for Me - The cute and simple winner of Eurovision 1976 became a worldwide hit, to this day its still the biggest Eurovision seller. So yeah, if you don't know how this song goes by now, gerrup out from under your rock.

5.  Johnny Logan has won Eurovision twice, and both have been with catchy enough songs. The first was 'What's Another Year' back in 1980, and the second one was 'Hold Me Now'. We're going to go with the latter for this list seeing as this song was rammed back into our lives a few years ago through the selling power of Maccy D's.

4.  Linda Martin is on this list, just because we're afraid of what will happen if we DON'T put her on it. Did you see The Late Late Eurosong? We're scared of her, and you should be too. Also, in fairness 'Why Me' did begin the first of a whopping five wins in a row for Ireland, so whatever she did up there, it worked.

3.  We pray one day we will forget the words to Jedward's 'Lipstick', it has to happen eventually, right? Credit where credit's due though, this pair did inject some well needed life into Eurovision for a while there...


2.  'Euppphooorriiiaaa!' We still can't stop singing this, and I'm not sure we want to. 2012's winner by Loreen can still be heard on the radio, and it's probably the most well-known winner of the contest in recent years. 

1. Could it be ANYTHING else? Similar to The Beatles, we all pretty much came out of the womb knowing the lyrics to Abba songs, whether you watched Muriel's Wedding or not. 'Waterloo' catapulted Abba into worldwide fame back in 1974, and was named the best song in the competitions history back in 2005. And you know, I can't say we disagree.

You can watch Ireland in the semi-final on RTE 2 at 8pm on Thursday, and here's hoping you will see them again for the Grand Final on Saturday at 8pm on RTE 1 and BBC 1.