Top Gear presenter Eddie Jordan has drawn the battle lines with rival Jeremy Clarkson by throwing some shade in his direction. 

Speaking to The Mirror, Jordan claimed that Clarkson was 'past it' and that the new show is 'much better' despite the criticism from some fans. 

"Jeremy and the other guys had a very successful past but the point is it is in the past and Jeremy is past it when it comes to Top Gear," he said. "His time has come and gone."

"There has been too much time spent focusing on them - but it was a very different show then. I personally felt the old show had run out of juice and our version is much, much better and will ultimately be more successful."

Jordan said that the new show has a much wider appeal and singled out host Chris Evans in particular for praise. 

"Chris has done a brilliant job in difficult circumstances," he said. "What Chris is attempting is something different and better. He hasn't got to panic. He has got to believe in himself."

Via Digital Spy