OK, first things first - after a couple of false starts, the official date for the show's debut is Sunday May 29th. Mark it in yisser diaries. As for who's going to grace the first show - the BBC have managed to nab actor Jesse Eisenberg and chef Gordon Ramsay. Not quite Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, but sure that was just the one off when they had that film to promote. 

According to The Huffington Post: "Both Gordon - who has appeared on ‘Top Gear’ twice previously, in 2002 and 2006 - and Jesse will be interviewed by Chris Evans, as well as taking a lap of the new racetrack at Dunsfold Park in Surrey."

As for Tinie Tempah, many expected him to be part of the line up, what with all the pictures of him filming his segment for the show doing the rounds, however the air date for his stint hasn't been confirmed. He may appear in the debut, he may not. 

If you're still thinking "Gordon Ramsay and Jesse Eisenberg for the FIRST show? REALLY?!" rumour has it that Brad Pitt fell through.

The Sun reports: "“Brad has obviously had filming issues so they’ve had to quickly find another Hollywood name and came up with Jesse. He played Lex Luthor in the latest Batman vs Superman movie, but is not a heart-throb or a name anything like Brad. Chris Evans is not known in the US so they’ve had to bring in two guests instead of one each week to build the brand out there. Gordon is a huge US TV star so that will help – but it’s not the start Chris or the producers wanted really."

The road has been rocky alright. It's almost as if the production is cursed...