Will they-won't they is the most basic of tropes in TV. There's been so many down through the years that it feels like almost every second TV show has one.

Here's five of the best on-screen romances from the past twenty years...

5. NEW GIRL - Nick & Jess
It's recent, sure, but it had us worked up the same way Ross & Rachel did way back when. For starters, it seemed like it was going to be Schmidt & Ceecee who would have been the primary romance of New Girl. And, in a weird way, it was kind of refreshing to see Nick and Jess be friends without wanting to get it on. Then they did.

 4. ANGEL - Cordelia & Angel
It may just have been a weaker spin-off of Buffy, but you can't deny that Angel had its moments. One of them was undoubtedly when Cordelia – the preppy brunette from Buffy who went out with Xander - got it on with Angel. And then she became pregnant with a demon. And then became a Higher Being. Man, that show really went off the deep end quickly.

3. BUFFY - Buffy & Spike
There's no way anybody can have seen this one coming. Spike was the English vampire who was really into punk rock and had bleach blonde hair. Buffy was, well, Buffy. So to see these two mortal enemies get it on was just plain weird for everyone. We'll give 1,000 Cool Points to anyone who can name Spike's punk band. Answer in the comments below. Please note, Cool Points are absolutely worthless.

2. SEX & THE CITY - Big & Bradshaw
What made Sex & The City more interesting than most on-screen relationships was that it was surprisingly realistic. No, we're not all hedge fund managers (we're guessing that was Big's job – something to do with finance) and we're not all free-wheeling journalists (some of us are...). Instead, their relationship was messy, it rarely ended well and when they eventually did get back together, there was a wealth of experience on both sides. Both had matured to one degree or another. Just never mention the films. They didn't happen.

1. FRIENDS - Ross & Rachel
You can't have a discussion about TV romances without discussing Friends. It was THE romance of the decade and it's even more distressing to think there are people alive who can vote who didn't see the first kiss originally when it happened on TV. That's right. It happened EIGHTEEN years ago.