The cold nights of January are proving tough aren't they? Some of us are nearly getting frostbit... as we realised last week. One thing that keeps us going though is getting the feet up and cosying up to a bit of quality entertainment, in whatever form we choose to look at it.

We've decided to spare you some precious down time by saving you the hour you will inevitably spend trawling through Netflix looking for something to watch,and picked out our top five for this week. Have a look below!

1. TV - House of Cards

Kevin Spacey managed to land his first ever Golden Globe recently for his role as the ruthless power hungry Frank Underwood in this political drama, and with season three imminent, you definitely need to either watch or recap on his shenanigans over the last two before it takes over your life again.

2. Film - Dallas Buyers Club

The triple Oscar winning film is set in 1985 Dallas, where Ron Woodroof indulges in heavy smoking, drinking, drug use and casual sex. After being diagnosed with HIV, Ron battles to accept his disease and he begins to search for alternative treatments to prolong his life and help other sufferers. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto both won an Oscar for their roles in this, and it can pretty much be chalked down as the movie that launched the McConaissance. There he is now...

3. Animation - Adventures of Puss in Boots

Maybe one for the childers, but who doesn't love watching the adventure of Puss in Boots unfold on screen? Unfortunately it's not Antonio Banderas voicing the lead in this brand new Netflix animated series, but no doubt he will still get up to the same antics with some more of our favourite fairy tale characters in a magical town in a faraway time... etc etc.

4. Documentary - Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

This feature-length documentary film has just been made available on Netflix and follows the story of the 1970s Memphis band who initially were considered a commercial flop, but later went on to gain massive critical acclaim, influencing countless future musicians. Don't miss it.

5. Film - Les Miserables

Try not to let the constant presence of Anne Hathaway throw you off this acclaimed musical flick, she did win an Oscar for her role as Fantine in fairness. And she dreamed a dream in time gone by.... when hope was high and life worth... Yeah okay, okay, we'll stop.