The most wonderful time of year is here! Happiest of happy Christmasses to you all. We are pretty excited about getting home, seeing family and friends and getting our yuletide cheer on, but let's face it, once that's all done, all we really want to know is what we can watch on the box.

We've done a day by day account of all the movies on over Christmas for you (aren't we great? Ah we are), but below you can catch some of the best of the telly over the Chrimbo...

The Mario Rosenstock Christmas Special
Christmas Eve
RTE2: 10.00pm

Looking forward to this one - Mario returns to the screen with this Christmas special where he brings his favourite impressions and funniest characters back for one night only. He'll have plenty of material to work off too since his last series with one of his most popular impressions, Roy Keane, all over the news, and of course the whole Garth Brooks debacle. The comedian will also have a a live studio audience in with him with a few special guests dropping by too.

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special
Christmas Day
RTE 1: 10:00pm + BBC 1: 10.05pm

This will actually be the highlight of many a person's Christmas Day, and at this point, we're pretty much just going to admit we are jumping on the bandwagon. And trust us, if you leave all judgement at the door, you won't be able to help yourself from enjoying the first of two festive editions of Mrs Brown's Boys. This will also be the first time we've had a new episode in a year too, with all the attention being put on D'Movie in 2014. This special will see Agnes becoming fierce intrigued with a large box that arrives for Cathy, there's the Christmas tree to end all Christmas trees, and could it be the end of the road for Agnes and Winnie?

When Ryan Met Niall
Christmas Day
RTE 1: 7.25pm

This one-off Christmas special sees The Late Late Show host fly all the way out to America to catch up with the jammiest lad Mullingar ever produced, Niall Horan. As we all know by now, Niall entered the X Factor back in 2010, was placed in a band with four other contestants, who went on to become One Direction - you may have heard of them.

Downton Abbey
Christmas Day
UTV: 9.00pm

It's Christmas at Downton Abbey but looks like it will only be the servants left in the house as all the Crawleys head off to Brancaster Castle in Northumberland for a grouse-shooting party. All sounds very pleasant but no doubt there will be many a twist and turn as it looks like a scandalous secret might threaten the holiday. It's a feature-length festive special too so get out the selection boxes, and cosy on up.

Doctor Who
Christmas Day
BBC1 - 6.15

Peter Capaldi is back as the Doctor following his first year in the role for this festive special, which looks like a cracker (sorry). Himself and his trustee sidekick Clara find themselves trapped in an Arctic base where they must fend of some terrifying critters. Never fear though, it looks like Father Christmas himself will be able to help them out, and guess who Santa is? None other than Nick Frost! The Shaun of the Dead and Mr Sloane actor will be making a very special festive appearance on the show, along with a character from the classic series Michael Troughton, who was son of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. Fans of this long running show will be in their element in summary!

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2014
St. Stephen's Day
Channel 4 - 9.00pm

One of our personal highlight of St Stephen's Day these last few years has to be The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Jimmy Carr tests a panel of celebrities to see who knows the most about the past 12 months. This year's quiz has a great gang on the panel too with Richard Ayoade, David Mitchell, Mel B, Micky Flanagan, Sarah Millican and Kevin Bridges. While there will also be some help with the questions from the likes of Michael Palin, Rio Ferdinand, The Inbetweeners stars and Lily Allen.

Top Gear
27th December
BBC2: 8.30pm

The first half of this two part special for the lads which has already caused controversy in Argentina because of a registration plate that drew links to the Falklands War. They are never shy of pissing of a few nations, are they? Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take three used V8-engined sports cars on a gruelling road trip covering 1,600 miles through Patagonia. Hilarity ensues...

Man on Bridge
December 28th
RTE1: 6:30pm

Street photographer Arthur Fields was a familiar face to all in Dublin for about fifty years as he regularly stood on O'Connell street bridge taking pictures of passersby. Fields did this from as far back as the 1930s all the way up to the 1980s capturing priceless moments for so many - it's thought that he took about 180,000 photos in his lifetime. This documentary takes a closer look at the man behind the camera and talks to some of the people who's pictures he took all those years ago.

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown Christmas Special
December 29th
Channel 4: 9pm

Ah, we remember a time when it was Carol Voderman and Richard Whitley who led Countdown. It was a simpler time then. You had Whiteley's ultra-chipper demeanour and bright ties and Carol's fantastic style skills on display every day. What a time to have lived through. Now we've got that guy from The Apprentice. Anyway, the reason we bring up Countdown is because 8 Out Of 10 Cats have long enjoyed doing their version of the show and have thankfully decided we have all earned a Christmas special this year. Jimmy Carr will be in Whiteley's former throne while Kathy Burke, David Baddiel and Alex Horne will be joining him, as well as Countdown regulars Susie Dent and Rachel Riley.

Charlie Brooker's 2014 Wipe
December 30th
BBC 2, 10pm

If we haven't said it before, we're saying it again - we'd like to nominate Charlie Brooker as High Emperor of Television. Black Mirror continues to be one of the most engaging and intelligent TV shows the Beeb has produced and his razor-sharp wit is always a welcome visitor this time of year. His 2014 Wipe will see him slice through the Ice Bucket Challenge, "conscious uncoupling" and whatever catches the eye of Brooker. We can't wait. We CANNOT. WAIT.

As we said above, do check out our Christmas Movie Guide for all the best flicks on this festive season.