If there's one trope in TV that's going nowhere, it's the double-act. Sure, there's been different iterations of it - the Odd Couple, the Good Cop / Bad Cop, the Ladies Man and the Nerd - but it's still used to this day. Here's our Top 10 TV Double-Acts!


Who didn't want to have aunts like Zelda and Hilda? Yes, they were witches but they were also hilarious. Understanding, patient and very tolerant of talking cats and everything that comes with being a teenage witch, Zelda and Hilda were the perfect double-act. We loved them.


9. STARSKY & HUTCH - Starsky & Hutch

Before Tubbs and Crockett, there was Starsky and Hutch. Starsky and Hutch were the quintessential buddy-cop team. Starsky's the by-the-book, straight-as-an-arrow cop whereas Hutch is the easy-going ladies man. They could fly over a bonnet like it was nobody's business and we loved them for it. All rise for the greatest theme tune ever.


8. SHOOTING STARS - Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer

Almost like a twisted version of Morecambe and Wise, Reeves and Mortimer were undoubtedly the glue that held the bonkers Shooting Stars together. Everyone in the 1990's watched Shooting Stars and loved it. The Dove from Above? Ooo-va-voo? These are all words that sound insane now, but back in the '90s had all the meaning in the world. The 90's was weird, basically.



7. CHEERS - Cliff & Norm

There's a part of you that wishes every bar had its own Cliff and Norm that you could sit near and eavesdrop on their conversations. Cliff and Norm's easy banter and the fact that Cliff had to be one of the smartest postmen alive was just one of many reasons why Cheers is considered the greatest TV sitcom ever.



6. CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM - Larry David & Jeff Green

One of the taglines for Curb Your Enthusiasm was "Deep down, you know you're him." And that's eerily accurate. Everyone knows a Larry David and Jeff Green double-act, endlessly making social faux pas in increasingly unwitting circumstances.



 5. GAME OF THRONES - Tyrion & Bronn

Their relationship might be based on the fact that he's Tyrion bodyguard, but throughout the series, you can really see a deep friendship form between Tyrion and Bronn. Sure, one's a cut-throat mercenary who'd just as soon look at you as knife you in the back and the other's a sex-crazed super genius, but everyone wanted a friendship like theirs.




It really says something for a comedy show like Ab-Fab to have a 20-year run and become a source of endless Hallowe'en costumes, quotes and "inspiration" for women everywhere. Their constant attempts to remain "hip" and drink London dry of wine. Who didn't want their life?


3. STAR TREK - Kirk & Spock

You could argue that it's triple-act when you put Dr. McCoy in there, but Kirk and Spock are the opposite sides of the human condition. One is stoic, logical and above all, rational. Kirk, on the other hand, is emotional, driven by instinct and headstrong. Their dynamic is what made Star Trek a cultural institution and spawned one of TV (and film's) greatest double-acts. 


2. QI - Stephen Fry & Alan Davies

We can't accurately put into words how funny these two are.


1. FATHER TED - Ted & Dougal

Now pay attention, Dougal. These ones are small. But the ones out there are far away.