Season four of Orange is the New Black arrives tomorrow on Netflix, and with another three seasons already commissioned after that, the ladies of Litchfield prison aren't going anywhere any time time soon, and thank goodness for that.

The show has won countless awards since its premiere on the streaming service back in 2013 and given us some truly memorable TV moments each season, so we decided to pick out ten of our favourite.

1. The pee on the floor

Crazy Eyes became quite taken with Piper in those early episodes of season one, writing her poems, threatening Alex for her ("I will cut you!") and was generally just smitten with her 'dandelion'. However, how she truly decided to show her affection, and indeed, mark her territory, was peeing on Piper's floor. Ah Crazy Eyes, what would we do without you?

2. The chicken

The mythical chicken first made an appearance back in season one, when Piper spots it roaming freely around the prison yard. This sparks a manhunt, headed by Red, to find the fowl and eat it, but of course the chicken always seems to be one step ahead. As Red lamented; "All I wanted was to eat the chicken that is smarter than other chickens and absorb its power." 

The chicken did reappear of course at the end of season three, but we'll get to that.

3. A Merry Prison Christmas

Season one also saw the inmates put on a Christmas pageant, with the likes of Crazy Eyes, Black Cindy, and Yoga Jones all showcasing their talents. However it was Pousey's heartbreaking rendition of Amazing Grace that really shone and who could forget mute Norma breaking into song too?

 4. The Kiss

This has to be one of TV greatest kisses (sorry Ross and Rachel). After half a season worth of sexual tension building, Piper and Alex finally gave in to their chemistry and just went for it, in the chapel too no less.

5. Sophia explains the female anatomy to the inmates

After some earlier confusion from the ladies, Sophia (Laverne Cox) decides the girls could do with a lesson in the female anatomy, made all the better by O'Neill's jaw dropping reaction in the background...

6. Morello's goes rogue stalker

Morello may have tied the knot at the end of season three, but who could forget the greatest unrequited love of our time between her and Cristoffa? Back in season two she decided to take a wee road trip while waiting for Rosa outside the hospital and went all the way to Christopher's house to go full stalker on his ass. She's absolutely loopers but you can't help but love Morello.

7. Rosa's escape

Speaking of Rosa, one of the most satisfying moments of the whole show was when we watched a dying Rosa make her break for freedom. She even took Vee down in the process, and all to the soundtrack of 'Don't Fear the Reaper'.


8. Stella

You don't need us to tell you how God damn beautiful Ruby Rose is. We're pretty sure her role in Orange is the New Black incited many the girl crush around the world. Rose arrived in season three and took a fancy to Piper while they sowed nickers together, as you do. However, she was also quick to effortlessly take Piper down a peg or two, and point out just how First World her problems really were.

(At the 2 minute mark below).

9. Holla Back

We didn't see much of Bennett in season three, but we did get a flashback episode for the former army man, which thankfully included him and his fellow platoon members giving it socks to Gwen Stefani 'Holla Back Girl'...

10. The lake

The final moments of season three were the most triumphant of the entire show to date. The reappearance of the rogue chicken led to the discovery of a lake behind the fence, and thanks to some maintenance work that was taking place and the lack of guards on duty, all the ladies were able to make a break for it - and it was glorious.

Just the sheer taste of freedom was enough for the inmates to put their petty differences beside, with Poussey and Soso sharing a moment together, Red and Norma finally making up, and of course Cindy getting her Jewish conversion ceremony. Piper wasn't there to enjoy it, and Alex was off in a dodgy situation with her former boss, but besides that, the whole thing was just magical.