Although it's not known if the duck pond in the back is included in the price, the house used in 'The Sopranos' for the titular family is up for sale.

The 5,600 sq. ft mansion in North Caldwell, New Jersey has been listed for sale at a price of $3.2 million, which is about €2.8 million. The house comes with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a powder room, a two-car garage (for your Suburban), and a one-bedroom guesthouse to hide your ill-gotten gains in.

The interior is slightly different, however HBO and the show's producers meticulously reproduced several rooms of the house and built them in a studio. Much like 'Cheers' and its famous bar in Boston, only the exterior was used throughout the series. That said, the pilot / first episode of 'The Sopranos' was filmed in the house before the series was picked up and stages were built.

The house's current owners described to the New York Times how their curved driveway - featured in the opening credits - is now something of a pilgrimage for fans of the series. Victor Recchia described how the entrance has been used by fans recreating Tony picking up his newspaper in his bathrobe.

So, yeah, whoever ends up buying the house is going to have that to deal with. That, and maybe the crushing realisation that a life of crime and excess is no cure for crippling anger and father issues.

Anyway, here's that opening scene with the house included.