The big Cadillac Escalade was as much a part of Tony Soprano's character as was his distinctive drawl and frequent cigar-smoking.

In fact, sales of the Escalade sky-rocketed during the initial run of The Sopranos, with many dealerships reporting that they wanted the exact shade of pearlescent white that Tony Soprano had in the series. For a minimum bid of $5,000, you can own a piece of TV history.

An auction house in Vancouver, Canada is putting a Cadillac Escalade used in the series up for sale. The jeep, which comes with a certificate of authenticity and is actually signed by James Gandolfini, was used in a key scene in one episode where Tony chased Phil Leotardo to pick up a debt.

Here's the scene in question, FYI. Hilarious scene, by the way.

We checked and, no, it doesn't come with a copy of Alabama Five's Woke Up This Morning in the CD Player. Or a cigar, either.