A much more straight-laced Late Late Show in store tonight after last week's Valentine's Day shenanigans, and it's only a Best Of over on The Graham Norton Show so you may as well make the most of it.

First up, following the funeral of Eddie Hutch today, crime journalist Paul Williams will be in studio to give the lowdown on Dublin's escalating gangland violence. He will be telling us who the key players are in this latest feud, what they’re worth, where they’re stashing the cash and how they are controlling the Dublin crime scene from southern Europe.

Also tonight, behavioural psychologist Dr Peter Collett is going to tell us what he has observed from the body language of our main political leaders in the build up to the election, putting Enda Kenny, Joan Burton, Michéal Martin and Gerry Adams under the spotlight to reveal what they are really thinking.

We'll hear from English model Alicia Douvall about her regrets on spending £1 million on more than 300 plastic surgeries, while entrepreneur Pat Phelan will be on the show discussing his inspiring story that seen him turn his life around going from an alcoholic to a millionaire.

Some laughs will also be provided by comedian Oliver Callan, who gives viewers his unique in-character take on the election campaign so far.

Sigh. We miss Dean already....

Catch The Late Late Show tonight on RTE1 at 9.35pm.