We're nearly at the end of January, but it's not over yet, so no doubt you'll probably have another quiet one planned for tonight. If so, you'll probably at least want to know who good old Tubbers will be chatting to on The Late Late Show.

Tonight the show will celebrate one of Ireland’s most beloved musicians, Finbar Furey, who celebrates his 70th year. It will feature special performances as well as celebrity guests who will pay tribute to the star including Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill, Aslan frontman Christy Dignam and Hollywood actor Patrick Bergin.

Also tonight, transgender teen David Beattie is in the midst of transitioning to female – though still identifying as David - and will be on the Late Late to chat about how watching a Caitlyn Jenner documentary helped him realise his true self.

Also on the show, just a few hours after Donald Trump is made President of the United States, behavioural psychologist Dr Peter Collett will put the billionaire politician’s body language under the spotlight. We’ll be finding out what Trump is really thinking, revealing the truth behind the bluster as revealed by his unconscious gestures.

There will be some comedy from Oliver Callan who will make the presidential address that Trump secretly wanted to deliver.

Supermac's founder Pat McDonagh will be sharing how he turned the humble Irish chipper into a €116 million business and we'll be getting the latest on his legal battle with global fastfood giant McDonalds. He'll be telling viewers why being based outside of the capital was no barrier to his success and why action needs to be taken to help rural Ireland catch up with the recovery underway in Ireland's cities.

Finally, after time constraints meant she couldn’t perform last week, harpist Lisa Canny will be back with a very special performance.