Tonight's Late Late Show lineup will feature an interview with Gail O’Rorke, the first person in Ireland to be prosecuted for assisting suicide. Acquitted last year, Gail will tell viewers the harrowing story of being put on trial for attempting to help her friend Bernadette Forde travel to Swiss euthanasia clinic Dignitas to end her life.

Also on the show, Dancing with the Stars judges Julian Benson, Loraine Barry and Brian Redmond will be giving the lowdown on the celebs impressing them the most on the dancefloor while also testing out Ryan's moves. Set your faces to cringe for that one.

Derval O'Rourke will be in to talk about life after the track and the ongoing problem with doping in athletics while Ryan will also be talking to Cork woman Sinéad Kane who made history recently when she became the first visually-impaired athlete to complete the World Marathon Challenge – seven marathons in seven continents in seven days.

Also there will be animals - because Late Late Show. Alive and dead ones too, would you believe. Sligo artist Arlene McPadden will be in showing off her sculptures she's made out of roadkill - no really - while there will be sheep on the show as part of this year’s Late Late Show Enterprise Special, who also showed up in the same show last year for the controversial lamb carousel that some folks weren't too fond of. Other new ideas that will feature are an innovative new jersey to protect hurling players as well as a special way to commemorate dead loved ones.

There will also be music from Jimmy Buckley and Celtic Woman.

So it's about as Irish a show as it gets really, isn't it?