Happy Friday one and all. Although it's a fairly grim one weather wise, so while it might be pay day for some, you may just fancy curling up with a cuppa this evening in front of the box. Unfortunately, there's no Graham Norton tonight, but we can tell you who will be on The Late Late Show....

Acting legend Michael Gambon will be joining Ryan tonight - younger viewers will know him chiefly as Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter films but the Dublin-born actor has played some of the stage and screen’s most iconic roles since first starting out in the early 60s. Still working, he will soon take to the stage at The Gate Theatre. He’ll be chatting about his extraordinary career alongside Michael Colgan, who is preparing to bring the curtain down more than three decades as The Gate’s artistic director.

Actor and writer Emmet Kirwan will be on the show to talk about his poem 'Heartbreak' which went viral earlier in the year. His 2012 poem 'Just Saying' garnered the same reaction and equally captured the zeitgeist. Kirwan will be chatting about striking a chord with his latest work and where he thinks Ireland is at right now.

Nathan Carter has been dominating the Irish country scene since ‘Wagon Wheel’ stormed the charts but there's some stiff competition on the horizon in the form of his younger brother. Jake Carter has wowed audiences around the country as the supporting act for his brother but now he's striking out on his own with new song 'Trouble'. Jake is set to make his television debut on tonight's Late Late Show, treating the audience to a performance of 'Trouble' and sitting down for a chat about becoming a star in his own right.

Sure look at him there, isn't he only lovely.

With people living longer than ever, Professor Sabina Brennan will be telling us why Ireland needs to wise up when it comes to ageing, while there will be a panel including Mary O’Rourke, George Hook and Rita Ann Higgins who will be telling us their experiences of life after getting the bus pass.

Brian Kennedy will also be stopping by for a song or two.

So there you have it. What do you mean you're going out now instead?