There's the usual suspects on The Late Late Show tonight but they're a grand bunch.

First up, All-Ireland winner Jason Sherlock will be on the show talking about why he has chosen now to tell all in his new book 'Jayo', which looks back at that time in the nineties when the Dubs were all obsessed with the GAA player as he was a major contributor to the team lifting Sam Maguire in 1995, an achievement that wasn't to be repeated again until 2011. He’ll be chatting about what it was like to be in the midst of Jayomania, the disappointment of never making it to another All-Ireland, and the bittersweet experience of watching the Dubs dominate GAA these days

Also on the show, The Rubberbandits’ Blindboy Boatclub is back again, a fella who is fast earning a reputation for speaking sense on behalf of younger generations in Ireland. He’ll join Ryan to talk about everything from publishing his new book of short stories, The Gospel According to Blindboy, to the issues dogging Irish society.

Following the announcement this week that RTE's Six One News will be getting a new all-female team, we meet the ladies taking over - RTÉ’s US correspondent Caitriona Perry and broadcaster Keelin Shanley.

Those with arachnophobia may want to tune out for a special Halloween segment on the show tonight as spider expert Collie Ennis will be in studio telling viewers why arachnids get a bad rap and why he thinks they are such fascinating creatures, not to be feared. And yes, he will have some of his furry friends in studio to help make his point.

Music then will be provided by Declan O’Rourke and Martin Hayes.