This may just be one that you're going to have to watch live, because the internet is going to go bananas when everyone on Graham's couch gets together tonight.

Filling up the couch first will be Beetlejuice/Batman himself Michael Keaton telling all about his comeback movie 'Birdman', Ian McKellen talking about his last outing as Gandalf on the big screen in the final Hobbit film (for now, who knows what Peter Jackson has up his sleeve), TV and comedy favourite Victoria Wood and finally the King of bish-bash-boshing in the kitchen, Jamie Oliver.

And in case that wasn't enough to break the internet á la Kim Kardashian's arse, the music is going to be provided by the biggest boyband in the world. Yes, One Direction will be on to serenade everyone with their latest single 'Night Changes' before joining Graham for a chinwag and watching a few people have a go in the red chair.

One Direction, Michael Keaton, Ian McKellen, Victoria Wood and Jamie Oliver all on one couch? We doubt they'll fit but we can't wait to see them try.