It'll take a lot for them to one-up the Tully twins from Cavan.

Gogglebox Ireland may only be in its second week but tonight we're seeing a brand new household being thrown into the mix in the shape of Martin Brady and Rory Egan from Rialto in Dublin.

Per TV3:

Martin and Rory have been friends and bridge partners for over 10 years and still play bridge together up to 3 times a week. Rory, from Blackrock, runs the biggest Bridge congress in Ireland. When he is not looking after dog Pedro and his pet snake, Rory also enjoys public speaking and writing.


Martin, who is a university lecturer, has a real interest in History and Literature and enjoys going to the theatre. Rory enjoys reality programmes such as Deadliest Catch, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and also likes the odd documentary. While Martin has been known to binge watch episodes of Game of Thrones, he is also a massive animation fan, especially The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Sounds like a riot.

And any fans of last week's sensational Michael D. Higgins tea cosy are going to be disappointed this week as it's taking a breather.

An official statement from TV3 stated:

"Michael T is absent from this week's episode as he spent much of last week prepping President Michael D Higgins for his Late Late Show appearance. Commenting on his absence, the Castleknock based tea cosy, said: "It was a difficult choice but at the end of the day I felt I had a responsibility to The Aras and therefore decided my presence backstage at The Late Late had to take priority. I look forward to re-joining Angela and Eileen over the coming weeks for more Gogglebox fun and want to thank all the viewers for their kind words around last week's broadcast."

Whether or not the tea cosy returns is up to Angela and Eileen, but we're sure they'll make the right decision.