Yeah we know, we are kind of over this lass leaving Corrie now too, it was sad at the time and all but in the land of soap it feels about a year ago. Although saying that, it does take an awfully long time to be dead and buried over in the UK, with one usually happening about a fortnight before the other.

Hence why it is only this week we are seeing the funeral of Tina McIntyre, and it's only tonight we are seeing the final scene actress Michelle Keegan filmed for the soap. Don't worry, it's not Tina coming back from the dead (again), it's actually a video clip on her flatmates phone.

Steph is too upset to make the funeral tonight and finds herself at home looking through old pics and videos when she comes across one of herself and Tina dancing around to S Club 7.

And so eh... yep, that's it, that's Tina's actual final scene tonight.

Well come on, you knew she was dead, what were you expecting?