As we reported a few months ago, there's a real-life Crystal Maze coming to London that people actually take part in.

The Crystal Maze Experience, as its known, has all the features of the original TV series. It's even got the Crystal Maze in the centre with the fans and the gold dollars and everything!

The whole idea was thought up by uber-fan Tom Lionetti-Maguire, who's been working with the show's rights holders and a secret venue in London to secure a place that'll fit the Aztec Zone, the Industrial Zone, the Medieval Zone and Futuristic Zone.

However, sadly, there'll be no Ocean Zone due to health and safety concerns - but each Zone will have a timer AND a quizmaster that'll bring you and your pals around and into each activity.

Tickets went onsale from today for £50 per person, with those who donated to the crowdfunding campaign getting first refusal. The Crystal Maze Experience is set to launch very soon, so in the meantime, we're locking people in rooms and shouting in useless platitudes to help them.