Three of theMythbusters team are reuniting for a new Netflix series, The White Rabbit Project, which will see them "go down the the rabit hole of the internet".

It's not quite clear what that means, but the internet is full of conspiracy theories which could be debunked in a Mythbusters style.

As reported by the Nerdist, the show will feature Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci and Kari Byron who made up the Mythbusters build team. They featured on the show alongside regular hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman until they were dropped from the series at the end of Season 9.

Mythbusters ran from 2003 until this year, and featured the team using science to get to the bottom of popular myths, and investigating how TV and film action sequences would work in real life.

The show was announced at last weekend's Dragon Con, but few details were revealed. It will premiere on Netflix on December 9th.