They were minus a Benjamina and a Selasi, but the rest of the gang were there. Even Val, which is worth getting especially excited over. And Jane has a new look!

Usually when everyone at a dinner party that you're not invited to starts posting to Twitter at the same time, the mute hammer comes out but not this lot. This year's batch of contestants from 'The Great British Bake Off' reunited for a big dinner last night and it was a joy to behold.

Eagle-eyed fans were also treated to the sight of Jane's new brunette look last night. Whether that's the new look of a winner or merely a change remains to be seen.

And in case you're wondering if Benjalasi felt left out, they were very much there in spirit.

The last ever episode of 'Bake Off' as we know it airs at 7pm tonight on BBC One. It's going to be an emotional one.