This year's series received a whopping 2,025 - a drop of 524 complaints from last year.

Of this year's complaints, it's been reported that Britain's communications regulator, Ofcom, received 800 complaints alone attributed to Winston McKenzie. The ex-UKIP politician's comments regarding same-sex marriage, women, homosexuals and just about everything else drew huge responses from audiences, with McKenzie eventually being voted out in the first round of evictions.

Another big draw for complaints this season included the televising of Angie Bowe's reaction to the news that her former husband, David Bowie, had passed away. Meanwhile, Tiffany Pollard's reaction to thinking that David Gest - not Bowie - had died also drew considerable complaints from the viewing public.

For their part, Ofcom has said that they "are satisfied that Channel 5 broadcast clear and appropriate warnings about the potentially offensive content, and intervened in heated exchanges and situations at appropriate times."