You may all be too busy having Friday night pints in the sun this week to even watch Tubbers and the gang, but if you find yourself staying home putting your feet up, this is who'll be on The Late Late Show.

First up, Mr Jack Reynor himself will be on the show, chatting about his role in Gerard Barrett's upcoming new flick Glassland, which he stars in alongside Toni Collette. This fella's star just seems to be rising and rising both home and abroad, all thanks to his impressive debut in Lenny Abrahamson's What Richard Did back in 2012.

As well as Reynor, mentalist Keith Barry will be on to most likely mess with all our heads with his mind trickery, and no doubt to chat about his recent big break in the UK presenting a show with Philip Schofield.

Finally, The Voice UK contestant Lucy O’Byrne will be chatting to Ryan about getting to the final in the talent competition and the recent news that she will be recording an album with her mentor